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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Delish cupcakes!

Just want to pimp my cousin's new business venture.

To order text 0917-9369827 or 0922-4864419.

Please visit their site too:


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ia & Ela & Brian

생일 축해요, 이야 & 에라!!!!!!

mag pa 산성 (ulit) at 노래방 naman kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwehehehehehe!!


Ok, and this is totally off topic but I just have to share it because I am about to burst! Last Sunday (Jan. 21), while I was busy with the PC, my mom told me that my mobile phone has been ringing. I was charging it upstairs so I didn't hear it ring. Anyway, I went up and saw that I had 2 missed calls from"Unknown." Then I checked my messages and saw that it was 개티 who was trying to call me. her message was "Uchi! sbi ni brian mahal kita hahaha." Needless to say that I quickly called her back, anxious to hear her news. You see, last week, 개티 she told me that she was scheduled to do an interview with Brian Joo [THE BRIAN] this weekend. And I was dying to know what happened. For those who need a refresher as to who [THE BRIAN] is, he's a Korean singer and is a member of the duo Fly to the Sky. And do you remember this post last April 2005:

that's him. hehe! Anyway, when 개티 answered her phone, I couldn't contain my excitement and asked her what the heck her text message was about. She told me that she went to the interview and that she thought [THE BRIAN] was super nice and that he looked so handsome in person (compared to his photos. I almost died right there coz I always thought that [THE BRIAN] looked hot in pictures. But 개티 said that he looked way better in person, I think I would faint if I ever got to see him up close and personal) and that his english was great. Then, she drops a bomb on me. After the thing, she asked [THE BRIAN] if he could write a note for her friend (moi!) who happened to be a big fan (and was nagging her to interview him, lol! just kidiing!). And he was nice enough to accomodate!!!!!!!!! Gahhhhhhh!!!! So [THE BRIAN] asks for the "friend's" name and she says Uchi and then he asks what nationality. He thought I was Japanese (yeah I get that a lot, right, Camille?). Katie tells him that I am Filipino and he goes "Oh ok. I'll try to write something in Filipino (turns out he has Pinoy friends in the US)." When he was done, he told her he wasn't sure if he did it right and then hands her the paper. This is what 개티 saw:


개티, 사랑해요!!!!! 감사합니다!!!!!!!!

here's the link to her article:

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Soundtrack of my life

Here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool

Opening Credits: Miss You by M-Flo feat. Melody & Ryohei

First Day At School: Shooting Star by Shinhwa

Falling In Love: I don't Wanna know by Taebin & Masta Wu (lol!)

Fight Song: Only One by Shinhwa

Breaking Up: Scandal by Kang Ta & Vanness (haha!!!)

Prom: I Want - Shinhwa

Life's OK: Baby I like you like that - Se7en

Mental Breakdown: Crazy - Shinhwa (o diba! ang galing!)

Driving: Starting Today - Rich

Flashback: My Angel My Ligt by SM Town

Getting Back Together: My Everything - Shinhwa (whoa! galing ng Media player ko sa timing)

Wedding: Superstar by Jewelry (haha!! I can just imagine..............)

Birth of Child: Only you by Chae Yeon

Final Battle: If you go away by Fly to the Sky

Death Scene: Neul Nah Gah by Shinhwa

Funeral Song: One Thing by Amerie (mwahahaha!! tama bang magsayawan ang tao sa funeral ko?)

End Credits: Knockout (Eng version) - Triple 8


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Since i don't have anything interesting to blog about, i'm just gonna share some of the pics from our singapore trip last september.

at our loft in Betelbox

with Tina's Singaporean friends


with Indonesian Shinhwa fans

MRT ride back to Joo Chiat

woohoo!! Chili crab!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Commercial muna

I have yet to write about Part 3 of my last Gasoo Encounter that's why there haven't been any updates. Will finish it up real soon (like when I get in the mood, hehe!).

Anyway, just want to pimp the new addition to my blog page.......... Ear Kandy!!! It's on the right side under the tag board i think. It's a radio blog for Kpop fans! I didn't create it though so I won't be able to help you with songs you want to request. But I hope you guys give it a try and listen to the songs on the playlist that you do like. ^_______^

And also, I wanna pimp the newest series I've been hooked on. The show is called Prison Break. Great story and great cast and it has my guy of the moment: Wentworth Miller.


now back to regular programing: snoresville zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gasoo encounter #7!!!! part 2

Day 2 - Sept. 11, 2006

We set our alarms for 6:00 AM because we wanted to start the stalking really early. Our mission for the day was to find a way to give the guys our gifts. We had a set of dogtags made for each of the guys that had their group picture in front and their individual names at the back with our names (so they'll know it came from us) and the word Philippines engraved at the bottom.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway, due to the fact that a lot of streets were closed off for the IMF Conference that week, it took us quite awhile to get to the Ritz Carlton but by 8:00 AM, we were already strolling inside the hotel. We figured that it would be best if we waited by the lounge or the "greenhouse" as the call it, because 1. we could order drinks there and 2. the front desk was there as well. We picked out a random table and leafed through the menu. Being pinoys, we had this "nakakahiya naman" syndrome, wherein we felt that to be able to keep our table we had to order something. So even if we knew that everything in hotels were expensive, we felt we had to order even just drinks. I mean after all, we were on a shoestring budget. So we ordered 3 hot chocolates and a mint iced tea (which costs around Php 333 each!). I even suggested we drink in shifts! lol!

Anyway, we surveyed the area and saw that we were the only group of girls there, which made us start to wonder if we were at the right hotel or something. I texted Tina, Bea, Rara, and Steff all asking if they had any info where the guys would be or their sked. Luckilly enough, the Singaporean ladies all confirmed that we were at the right place with Tina reminding me that stalking is all about waiting (thanks!). So we just chatted about anything and everything we could think off and sipped our drinks very slowly. We decided that if we couldn't give the gift to the boys personally, we'd ask someone from their entourage to hand it to them. And I was hoping to see the head dancers because I wanted to have my picture taken with them (lol!). At around 11:00 AM, we noticed gaggles of girls appearing near the lobby foyer and figured that they too were there to stalk like us. But unlike us, they all stayed near the elevators and the entrance. When we saw the other girls, we decided to stick it out (we were contemplating on giving up). I mean after all, we were already there and check-out time was as 12 noon, so even if the boys don't check themselves out personally, we'd be able to see their entourage.

At around 11:30, we noticed a small group of Koreans heading over to the desk to check out and spied Good Entertainment stickers on their luggage. After a couple of minutes, the groups of girls near the elevator started squealing and cameras started flashing. Apparently, LUG, the front act, were checking out. Suddenly I saw the male head dancer of Shinhwa at the front desk. I asked Marie for her extra dried mangoes and got up the nerve to approach and give it to him and ask for a photo with him.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After thanking him, we headed off towards the elevators to try our luck to have our pictures taken with LUG. Luckilly, I was able to have my picture taken with 1 of the lead singers (his name? I have no idea but give me time and I'll find out).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We went back to our tables while the other girls were shephered by the hotel security to move back. Then I noticed the female lead dancer near the front desk and Ia and I also got our picture taken with her.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Feeling lucky, we went back to our table and continued to wait. The Shinhwa dancers and entourage then took the tables next to and behind ours. I think I went off to the loo after that because all I can remember is staring at Minwoo, who was standing behind Jaz' seat with his enourmous bodyguard, who I'll be referring to as Bulldog. Apparently, Marie, Ia and/or Jaz attempted to take pictures of Minwoo but Bulldog said "No pictures!" Being obedient and well behaved fans, our group obliged, while Bulldog was barking the same to the girls near the elevators, while shielding Minwoo. I thought "this is it! this is our chance to make sure that our gift gets to the boys!" I told Marie to hand the box with our postcard to Bulldog to hand to Minwoo. At forst Bulldog said "No autographs." We then tell him "yes, no autographs. just.... give....." Again, Bulldog said "No autographs (kulit no?)." We say "Araseo..... not autograph.... just give gift.... to Minwoo Shi." Bulldog stares at us then turns away. Just as we were about to grumble, he turns back and say "just give..... no autograph?" We all nod and he accepts the box we hand him. He then turns around and gives the box to Minwoo! I could have literally squealed in delight but I remembered where we were and that we were "well-behaved" fans. Minwoo says "Mwo (What)?" then he says "From who (hehe! in english!)?" Unfortunately, Bulldog chooses that time to shield Minwoo again from the fangirls near the elevator. Anyway, he glances at us and smiles then heads off to he table next to ours, where he flirts with the dancers, and tries to lift the glass cover of the table (as to why, I have no idea). All four of us look at each other and smile in triumph that we succeeded in giving the gift (and the fact that we were so near a real live Shinhwa member).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After a couple of minutes, the Koreans head off the the dining area to have their lunch. Us and the other fangirls on the other hand, stay in our positions to wait for the other guys to come down. I choose that moment to go outside for a smoke, as I was already satisfied with the events that happened. When I came back, Marie, Ia, and Jaz filled me in that while I was killing myself outside, Dongwan came down and briskly headed to the dining room. Oh well! I didn't mind not seeing him that much (Peace, Jaz!). So we stayed at our table to wait for Junjin, Andy and Sungie to come down. As we had some friends who were near the elevators (Eve and Juju), Marie got up to talk to them. When she came back, she learned that apparently, Andy wasn't at the hotel and that he was out golfing. So we were just waiting for Junjin and Sungie. We decide to order Ia another iced tea and split the bill 4 ways just so that we can validate our overstaying at our nook.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After about an hour or so, the entourage return to our area. Unfortunately for us, the dancers choose a different table, while some other people from their group (managers?) take the table near us. Then, the dancers and LUG all head outside to their waiting bus, probably to sightsee or something. Then, we see Minwoo heading back to our area and he sits at the table of the managers and right in my line of sight! woot!!!! Minwoo kept glancing around, thinking probably that we were the only ones who weren't from their group in the area so we might pester him for pictures or autographs or something (Bulldog was still shielding him from the fangirl paprazzi by the elevators). After a couple of minutes, he probably realized that we were just minding our own business, so he relaxed and slouched into his chair. The four of us were all in disbelief that he was back near us! While Bulldog's attention was on the fangirls, Marie was able to sneak in a
couple of shots from her phonecam before we all decided that we weren't gonna risk Bulldog's ire and risk being asked to move.

I kept looking at my watch waiting for the other 2 boys to come down when I realized that Dongwan has been shovelling food for more than 2 hours! lol! At around 3 PM, we see Dongwan rushing towards the elevator and disappear behind the doors. We were optimistic that Junjin and Sungie will be coming down soon because they had to eat after all. Even though the four of us were all quite famished, we decided to stay on and wait.

At around 4 PM, Bea comes back and introduces us to Helen (another friend of Tina's). We update them on what has happened and then tak about pervy stuff. Then at around 5 the bus with LUG and the dancers came back and all the other Koreans head towards it. Bea whisphers to Ia where they would be eating but we decided that we have had enough (I think I got sick of staring at Minwoo), and we were just going to have dinner, our first meal of the day. We head off to meet Weng at Glutton's bay, where we feasted on jumbo shrimp, oyster cake, and BBQ chicken wings. While we were eating, we suddnly decided maybe we should follow where the boys were eating and then send em off to the airport (yeah we are so fickle!). So after Bea confirmed that they were still at East Coast Marina, we rushed to finish dinner and hail a taxi to get to East Coast marina. Unfortunately for us, the boys just left when we arrived and Bea texted me to get our butts to the airport. Again we get a cab and arrive in the airport at record time! I must say that Singapore has the most stalker friendly airport. Anyone could just go in (well up to before the immigration section, at least). We were able to see Hyesung and Dongwan but not Andy and Minwoo. Weng then takes us to the 2nd floor where we see the guys enter the VIP lounge. We saw (and I was able to take a fancam but its a bit far T.T) Dongwan playing hide & seek with the fans and cutie Andy always waving (and him tripping.... awwww so cute). Finally, the guys have to leave and wave a final goodbye to us fans as they head off to board their plane. T.T

to be concluded.........


thanks to Candy for the heads up on this one:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this was taken from an Mnet program in Korea wherein the subject was Shinhwa's concert in Singapore.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Gasoo Encounter #7!!!!

1. Lee Jae Jin (Manila)
2. Mina (Manila)
3. Lee Dong Gun (Manila)
4. DBSK or TVXQ (Manila)
5. Eugene (Manila)
6. LUG (Singapore)
7. Shinhwa (Singapore)

Day 1 - Sept. 10, 2006

We (Me, Ia, and Marie) arrived at the Betelbox hostel at around 2 AM, and met up with some of the other Shinhwa fans (Cindy, Eve, Juju et al) that were staying there (they were able to watch the rehearsals! T.T lucky them!), had a quickie "dinner" (noodles from the nearby 7-11), then got some shut-eye. We got up at around 10 AM and met up with our Pinoy friends Weng, Jaz, and Bambie at around 3:00 PM. After being stranded at the bus stop near the Singapore Indoor Stadium for a half hour, we were able to go to the SHCJ meeting place at around 3:45 PM and got our Changjo shirts, magazines, concert posters and glowsticks. I finally met Felice (pinoy), Wenyi and Steff (Singaporean) of SHCJ and Bea and Rara (Tina's friends). After a couple of hours, we finally got our tickets and lo and behold! We had first row seats!!!! O_o how lucky is that? Even the additional ticket we got for Bambie was at the same row (but in the next section)! so happy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

At around 7:00, we went inside and parked our butts on the seats and waited for the show to start at 8 (there were screens showing various SHinhwa MVs so nbody minoded the wait). Shinhwa had a front act that night, a Korean group called LUG. I didn't really pay attention to them at first, I just noticed that they were wearing "Throw My Fist" like suits (in black and white). But during their 2nd song, I was like "Wow! This 2nd song is cool. Very Wheesung-esque." Anyway they spoke english (cuties) and said goodbye after the 2nd song.

Then came the stars of the show! Oh man! I mean, my friends know I love Shin Hye Sung, but that night, Andy was looking super HOT!!! He was tanned and all smiley and everything. Baby Andy was so cute (bordering on pretty, even!)! And I was so happy that all 6 of em apparently had a good hair day (thank god! no cornrows, braids or spikey hair in sight). hehe! To my knowledge they only lipsynched to 1 song (Wild Eyes) and only Sungie and M had solos (probably because they had to wrap
everything up as Eric was leaving right after the concert).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There were a lot of cute moments during the concert:

1. Sungie not being able to reach some of his notes.
2. Dongwan stiffling a giggle while he was singing because Sungie messed up.
3. Dongwan saying "room service" as if that would make the audience think he speaks english (lol).
4. Sungie speaking to JunJin in english and Junjin just kept answering "yes" then saying "i love you" to end the converstaion.
5. Dongwan doing exaggerated side side swaying movements with his arms.

The concert was great (of course)! Though I wished, Sungie, Andy and Eric translated the stuff that Minwoo, Dongwan, and Junjin were saying (I kept looking for subtitles, lol!) They even gave an encore performance. But of course it had to end and our group decided not to stalk them as we were all tired and just decided to stalk the next day.

to be continued...............